I’m inspired to write to you about separation today. Separation in the form of the egoistic defence of a difference in path. Before I’m misunderstood, I’d like to be clear that my focus isn’t the ego here really. The ego – as the illusion of separateness – is useful, beneficial and integral for this human experience. So I’m not gonna go on about how it’s evil or bad or whatever. The ego is part of the human experience and without it the physical dimension as we know it would not exist and I think this reality is pretty cool. What I AM inspired to write about today is the perpetual reinforcement of ideas which feed separation as opposed to integration. And integration is key if we every hope to live a life free of violence – of tone and of fist – and free of continual frustration.

For me, this whole experience of life thus far has been a process of understanding how seemingly disparate things are inter-related and interdependent. The majority of my studying on this subject has been focused around religions, during which I found that most widely practised religions and many less popular religions all teach the same fundamental principles. 1. Kindness, love and compassion being the traits of a “god” however it, he or she is personified. As such to embody these traits is to be closer to this god. 2. Oneness is the absolute truth of the universe. Even within religions where separation is implied. We were made in god’s image, so on and so on. There are other cross-over points of course, but these are the most notable two.

In this search for interconnectivity and interrelatedness I have seen that there are many factions of righteous individuals in this world propagating one extreme idea after another. Examples, dietary choices (The eternal vegan/vegetarian/meat-eater squabble), feminism, racial supremacy, and so on. I’d like to go on record and state that anything which focuses on what is different between one person and the next only serves to create further separation between perspectives. While this is extremely beneficial at a time when a change needs to happen in order for a greater state of harmony to be achieved, if it continues after the change it will only serve to create further separation. (Yin-Yang. Life is change and to cling relentless to one way of being for ever will only create disharmony until we are thrust helplessly into the new).

For example, in the western world, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr and all those that acted for equality during that time did the planet a tremendous service in doing what they did back then. And when racial equality was established, a balance was found. The continued fury that remained in the minds of that previously oppressed portion of humanity, while entirely valid, now only serves to generate more separation between various facets of our species. After a difference is acknowledged and harmony is reached thereafter, continued focus on that difference will only create more separation. If joy is found in the celebration of what is the same, of what brings us together, rather than what sets us apart then we will find a greater level of harmony is accessible to us as a species, as co-habitants of this planet. Racism would fall away if we were to all focus on how we are the same, all humans and children of earth, rather this this person has this skin or that skin, they grew up in this area or that… so on…

This is the same with feminism, after equal rights were established, women far and wide began to – for some strange reason – embody the traits of shadow masculinity. Aggression, anger, jealousy and similar emotions were cultivated by the female collective and directed towards the male collective. Yes, this is a shift and a valuable one, when we see that before this time women were basking in the shadow traits of femininity. For them to then shift into the shadow traits of masculinity is a big step forward, of course, but little was set free in this process. Even now it is true that some women are treated unfairly. However, it is true that just like any human, a woman has the freedom to stand up for herself and say ‘no’ and get up and leave if she so desires. If she does not and suffering ensues thereafter, to suffer was her own choice. Again, after the initial shift in consciousness happened, continued focus on what is different caused more separation. And now, like with racial equality, generations later we have direction-less fury and little more. Once again, this is due to the continued focus on difference.


And the big one that’s bothering me most at the moment – it was actually my reason for writing this – is the eternal dietary preference debate. Vegans say, “My way is best,” Meat-eaters, in their ignorance, say, “Where do you get your protein?” Vegans list numerous sources of protein and the meat-eaters close down into cognitive dissonance. This has been going on for aaaaages. And before veganism became widespread, it was the same with vegetarians. What has become awful though is that many vegans have taken to attacking (obviously not physically) meat-eaters for their dietary choices and often times their lack of education on nutrition. I actually decided, at long last, to unfollow and un-‘like’ this ‘Freelee The Banana Girl’ on Facebook and Instagram because her posts are so… attacking of anybody who isn’t vegan. Today, I saw a post where she referred to milk as ‘white death’ and I’ve witnessed her continuously attempting to shame meat-eaters and vegetarians into becoming vegan. Also, there’s a lot of anger towards people who have been vegan before and decided -for whatever reason- to go back to eating dairy and/or meat. Once again, this is nothing more than continued focus on difference AFTER a shift in consciousness has occurred. People are, en-mass, becoming vegan now. That’s great news. I’m still yet to join them for an elongated period of time because I haven’t actually enjoyed being vegan yet. But because of the sheer volume of people who are shifting their diets to allow for a more natural lifestyle, there’s no call for such focus on the negative aspects of the opposite dietary choices.

Let me share a gem with you. If we desire to alter another person’s perspective, entering into an argument with them will never allow us to achieve this. Arguments are great for emotional discharge and releasing suppressed emotion but outside of that, they are mostly destructive. Of course, destruction has it’s values and benefits too. It is part of the natural ebb and flow of life and this duality, this contrast, allows for a rich life experience. However, if you want to convince somebody of your point of view, challenging them outright is not the way to go about it. Why? Because if you challenge them and just sit there word-vomiting all the ways they are wrong and all the ways you are right… All that will happen is you will hurt their pride and their opinion will stay the same. Once somebody’s sense of self has been challenged, they will not be at all prepared to shift their perspective. They may submit defeat and resentfully agree with you in the moment, but this will only be to shut you up and end the monologuing aaaand their position will not have changed because their pride will have been hurt.

As such, I’m sure you will have noticed that in writing this the way I have it is evident that my intention here is not to shift the perspective of racial supremacists, religious extremists, gender supremacists or anybody with a fierce defensive nature when it comes to their dietary choices. My intention is purely to state some observations of mine and allow them to be absorbed in whatever way they are. With this, I don’t seek to change anybody’s mind, otherwise I’d have written this differently. But rather, I write this to find those who agree with me already in the hope that we might band together and deepen the interconnectedness which is ever-present between open-minded individuals.

Also, if somebody fiercely defends their lifestyle choices or association with various schools of thought, including but not limited to the aforementioned, it is safe to say that their sense of self is tied into these things. If a vegan is slamming meat-eaters, if a religious fundamentalist is slamming an atheist or a follower of another religious doctrine, if a racial supremacist is slamming another race for the disharmonious mindset of their ancestors, if a feminist is slamming a man for their old-paradigm mindset, it is probable that their sense of self and as such their self-concept, self-image and likely day-to-day happiness is closely knit into their beliefs on the subject. So it would be cruel to try to strip them of that. Especially if our only motivation for attempting to do so is to protect our own pride and prove ourselves right.

Whether we are the attacker or the attacked most often, if we are to treat our fellow humans with compassion, respect and consideration, we will see and feel an improvement in our experiences. And if we do this, not because we see the value of these virtues outright then let’s find the desire through the application of the compassion present in our initial beliefs. Because, after-all each belief that we possess, religious or otherwise, is always rooted in compassion and/or love for someone or something. For vegans it is their bodies and/or animals, similar for vegetarians. For meat-eaters they are sympathetic to tradition. For those who focus on difference in race and those who fight the corner of feminism, underneath their anger from oppression and the pain of their struggle and the struggle of generations passed, there is compassion for themselves and others like them.

If we are able to turn this inherent compassion outwards to those who belief differently than us or live differently than us then we will see growth happen exponentially. Why? Because we will be working together, rather than apart. We will be sharing knowledge, insight, wisdom and experience from a place of compassion and love rather than a position of self-righteousness, defending the validity of our choices, which – let’s be honest – is really just a cry for help anyway. If we can find compassion for some, it can be cultivated for all. If we can widen our perception of life to allow for the diversity present on this earth to enrich our experience rather than disturb it, then we will find a peace of mind like no other. Why? Because everything everybody else does then stops being an inconvenience or an invalidation of your choice to do things differently. And thus, the focus on what is difference comes full circles and becomes a celebration of diversity rather than a confusion, anger or fear of difference.

After-all, we all came here in the same way, through our mother’s birth canal, clueless, gormless and so vulnerable. Since that moment, we’ve all been doing the best we can with what we have. How can we be angry at that? Hahahahah

I hope this has been of value to you my friends.

I love you

Namaste ❤

Live, love and play!