I haven’t posted here in a little while, so I wanted to update you guys on what’s going on for me. I’m going through an intense cleansing period. We could call it “spring cleaning my energy field.” As (I think) I mentioned in a previous post, I had decided that to increase my level of self-worth I was going to enlist a number of fellow spiritual practitioners of varying expertise. Upon setting this intention, I began to literally magnetise. There is no way to describe it than that of sheer magnetism. This experience is one I’ve had once before in my life. It’s the result of letting go of a resistant circumstance or pattern – be it a thought pattern or behavioural pattern – which gives way for new more amazing things to come into your life. The last time this happened was at the end of a five year relationship (an occurrence which my more avid followers will remember reading about as it was happening!) When I was no longer entangled in the relationship, my frequency shifted and I began to meet a whole bunch of amazing new people. This same thing has happened once again, and although it was my conscious choice to begin to allow help from others – instead of trying to muddle through on my own – my larger shift in frequency is due in no small part to the people I have become a match to as a result of making the choice to enlist help.

The way that I am enlisting help is to offer my services to those who have something equal of value to me to offer in return. Where things all began was with me being approached by Nicky from Discover Your Bounce. I knew Nicky prior to this as she has worked with my Dad in the past and I had spoken to her daughter about some work I was taking over from her with. Anyway, we chatted and decided to do a session swap. Nicky would help me exalt my inner-saboteur and I would coach her through a shadow of hers. The sessions went well, although it was difficult for us to sync up for the second session, we managed to in the end! After this session, I felt my self-worth had increased somewhat. It became crystal clear to me that having others involved in my personal growth process was definitely a move in the right direction. I was feeling more empowered than ever when I finished that call.

Later that week, an abundance coach/intuitive healer named Anjara with whom I had spoken several times before contacted me. She asked me if I would be able to beta test her abundance programme. At the time I received the message, I was dossing around the house stressing myself out at my lack of money. So naturally, I jumped on the opportunity! Again, we agreed to swap sessions. I would coach her through some issues and she would guide me through purifying my abundance vibration. During the first session, we assessed my relationship with money. It became clear then that my worthiness was playing a large part in my inability to manifest any large sum of money that wasn’t just enough for me to live on. Through a visualisation, I saw that my relationship with money was like that of a pirate’s with treasure. Always in want, never having. It would always feel like theft when I would acquire money, which is likely to do with the way that pocket money – or lack thereof in most cases – was handled in my younger years. Regardless, in that session we shifted my relationship with money in a massive way. Naturally, money is the physical manifestation of abundance and love and so in shifting that vibration, a lot more shifted.

After the first session with Anjara, I began speaking with a friend whom I met in London again. His name is Dalano and he is a coach who focuses on much the same stuff as I do – self-worth, self-love and quality of life – but he works primarily with the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Trans-gender community. I’m none of those, but I required someone who does a similar thing to me to be able to really help me make a shift my worthiness issues. The session we had together was based around a Tarot reading. The Tarot cards guided the session and we followed and learned together along the way. The session ended up being focused on relationships. This is a perfect sync-up because this month’s astrological energy is so heavily focused on relationships – relationships with others and ourselves, relationships with objects and concepts like money and so on. What I learned from this session is that for a long time I had been caught in the “fear of the fear”, in this case it was the fear of rejection and abandonment, and furthermore the fear of the fear of rejection and abandonment. Dalano showed me that it’s so important to not let yesterday’s awful sticky toffee pudding ruin today’s sticky toffee pudding. Which means, it’s okay to fear being rejected or abandoned. It hurts. Of course it hurts. Of course I don’t want to be rejected or abandoned. Nobody wants that. But am I really going to let my fear of a feeling that I know so well get in the way of me potentially experiencing feelings and emotions which are all new and all positive?

The final card in the reading was “Death” – this represents the death of old patterns which no longer serve me. My next session with Anjara would be a Soul Reading session. The purpose of this would be to clear any negative karma which may stop me attracting abundance, this karma may have been from past lives or this one. Though she had my permission, I was unaware of this at the time, but during the following experience Anjara was accessing my Akashic Record and clearing out any shit that no longer serves me… While she was doing this, I was getting out of bed and opening the curtains to see a hearse with a coffin in it drive past the house. There is no clearer message than this in terms of miracles/manifestations. The hearse was a sign that the cleansing mentioned in the cards had begun.

I learned a shit-load of amazing things that day with Anjara, too many to tell you about all of them now. But one thing that is relevant here is the following… (Within the paradigm of time as a linear series of events, as opposed to simultaneously transpiring) My soul began it’s life as a soul on the planet Nihal, it then travelled to Mintaka (where Eckhart Tolle’s soul is from). Nihal is inhabited by incredibly sensitive, empathetic, psychic and telepathic beings, hence my nature. Mintaka is a planet in the Orion constellation and, before the environment was destroyed by pollution, the primary place of inhabitance on this planet was an underwater utopian civilisation not dissimilar to Atlantis. The majority of beings that inhabited Mintaka at it’s peak of harmony were incredibly conscious and aware beings who acted in a way which produced little or no negative karma. They were also able to clear any negative karma almost instantaneously after it’s transpiration. It’s for this reason that during my reading with Anjara, she had to clear no past life karma for me. I have brought no negative karma from past lives with me. It simply would not serve my expansion here in this lifetime to have that hanging over me. As such, any negative karma I have accumulated here on Earth in this lifetime is the result of patterns which are the consequence of trauma in this lifetime alone. It was an absolutely awe-inspiringly brilliant experience… I learned so much more than this too in the reading session, but to sit here and type it all up would give me little energy to continue with this story of transformation that has occurred in the past week… So I’ll continue…

In the midst of all this happening, I had begun to speak with an artist and inspired mind, Steph Rodney. We have the sort of friendship which is like ‘picking up where you left off’ as opposed to getting to know each other. It’s refreshing and makes me glad to have a friend and soul sista like that who’s got my back. Being an artist, Steph’s view of the world is one filled with beauty and love. She is a gift to this world. I contacted her initially to offer my encouragement and appreciation for the videos and images she had been putting out. We began chatting from there and have since spoken on Skype. We’ll speak again once more before we begin to work on a project together which as been discussed. The nature of this project is to help others and give them permission to PLAAAAAAYYYY in life. I look forward to recording this so much because it has been the focus of my new YouTube channel since I birthed it to give people the permission to really be themselves, embody their inner-child and rekindle their fascination for this reality. On top of that, Steph has approached me with a proposal for an interview with somebody who is a mutual acquaintance of ours. That’s another miracle/manifestation as it’s an intention I set earlier this week, to be interviewed. I’m absolutely ecstatic with the opportunity!!

And now, friends, our story of new friends and old draws close to it’s close as I share with you one last tale from today. For a month or so I have been periodically watching the YouTube videos of a fellow spiritualite named Vanessa Lamorte. She does many videos where she channels what she called ‘light language’ which is a spoken translation of energetic signals transmitted from extraterrestrials species who have deemed it beneficial to communicate with our race. I was fascinated by this when I saw her videos and I watched one video with a light language transmission from the Lyran-Sirian council. To someone who is not spiritual, it would see like gobble-de-gook. To a Christian fundamentalist, it would seem like the devil’s tongues. To me, however, it was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard/seen. I watched the video and felt strange energetic ripples and signals being offered to me. Of course, I accepted and they raised my frequency. It was amazing.

After watching a short clip of one of her more recent videos earlier on today, I felt compelled to send her a message and share with her some of the information I had been gaining of late – namely some of the things I learned from my Soul Reading session with Anjara. At this point, I hadn’t offered an exchange of sessions with Vanessa, but she was lovely and keen to offer advice. Then she said to me, “I don’t usually do this, but do you have a few minutes for a quick skype call?” Naturally, being fascinated by what she does, I said “Let’s do it!” And so, we got onto skype and she told me she had a bunch of beings that desired to share some energy/information with me. Vanessa also told me that she had a light language transmission specifically for me, to aid with the clearing of old energy patterns that no longer serve me. Prior, I had not told her about what happened in the previous sessions with Dalano or Anjara, apart from one or two points from the Soul Reading session. Namely, about what I mentioned earlier about Nihal and Mintaka and also about a particular ethereal presence which was hindering my psychic and extra-sensory abilities. I was amazed at her intuition. During the skype call, Vanessa recited a long list of energies she saw present within me, including the energies I was already aware of (Merlin archetype, starseed energies – Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Lyran, Reptilian, Zeta Reticuli, Nihal and Mintakan, and so on) and many many more!

There are more session swaps to come and much more growth to take place, for me and those I help along the way. But it’s safe to say that this past two weeks have been an absolutely amazing roller-coaster of expansion. I have loved it. I am beyond grateful for the parts played by Nicky, Anjara, Dalano, Steph, Vanessa and my wonderful partner and love Rosa who I haven’t mentioned in this post yet but she has been with me every step of the way, having her own experience of everything I’m going through. Her and I are so brilliantly synced-up that we are learning the same lessons simultaneously through different conduits. It’s a real blessing to have somebody so special with me as I expand and as we expand together. If you’re reading this Rosa, te amo mi amor, te amo. Siempre. Es todo. ❤

I am here at the end of a fantastic week and at the cusp of another. Releasing the old; making way for the new. And all around me I am building a network of spiritual practitioners dedicated to happiness and growth in all forms. And it is a tremendous feeling, to have such wonderful, beautiful, intelligent and wise souls standing with me, dedicated to my expansion and my stepping into my power. Thank you Rosa, Nicky, Anjara, Dalano, Steph and Vanessa. Thank you all. The Sirians were right. They said, “You’ll be in the centre soon.” Yeah, it’s happening. And I fucking LOVE it.

If you are excited by any of the awesome things I learned/gained from working with the amazing people mentioned here, I’ve included links to either their sites or Facebook pages/YouTube channels below for your perusal!

Anjara and Grounding Wisdom: https://www.facebook.com/groundingwisdom

Dalano, ‘The Spiritual Artisan’: http://www.thespiritualartisan.com/

Steph Rodney:
Website/Blog: http://stephrodney.tumblr.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/StephRodney

Vanessa Lamorte: http://www.vanessalamorte.com/

And last but by no means least, Nicky & Discover Your Bounce: http://www.discoveryourbounce.com/

Also, if you guys are inspired to check out my wonderful girlfriend’s blog, I’ll share a link here: http://madcatland.wordpress.com/

Until next we meet!

I love you!


Live to love and play!