Hello folks! I’d like to speak to you about this idea of ‘Ascension’ which is so popular among much of the spiritual community. For those of you who don’t know, “Ascension” is the idea that through certain spiritual practices, those who have essentially embodied a certain level of ‘spiritual-ness’, will be able to ascend to a higher plain whereupon they will be unscathed by the woes of the physical dimension. Now, to me, that sounds a lot like the religious concept of heaven. Not only does it sound like a re-packaging of the idea of doing the “right” thing and getting to a “good” place, it also looks and feels like escapism.

Before I begin, I’d like to state a few things outright. Ascension is occurring. Simultaneously, physical life is occurring. You are ascending and expanding and you are having a physical life. You are transforming. Simultaneously, you are transformed. You are the transformation.

For me, this idea of spending our lives trying to ‘get back to Source’ seems odd for two reasons:

1. It doesn’t feel like the concept differs much from the religious notion of following the ‘one true path’ and being allowed past the pearly gates. Why is that an issue? For those who believe they are on the ‘one true path’, a sense of superiority is cultivated and this causes all sorts of problems. Just observe the energy in the room when you are with someone who is fiercely dedicated to their choice of religion. And just look at the religious conflict in the world today. This is the result of one group of people saying, “I’m right!” and then another saying, “I’m right!” And neither sitting down to perhaps, maybe, just for a second, listening to the other group to see where their philosophies overlap and trying to get along from that standpoint. It also causes those who believe they’re on this “right path”, to try and convert anybody as yet undecided to their version of the ‘one true path’. Which looks a lot like different groups taking stock and trying to win out over the other… “Look, we’ve got more followers than you so we must be right!” When in reality, all this is measure of is how convincing their sales pitch is and how much they undermine the converted’s self-trust…

It’s actually something that I’ve spent a lot of time doing in my life, surveying the different choices we have here of Earth for religious doctrine and consequent lifestyle. In observing this, I found that they all have a lot in common. As such, I began to take into my personal practice that which feels resonant with me personally, and that which is present within all religions. And, something that is present within most if not all religious doctrine is that of this ‘ascension’. Whether it’s the Judeo-Christian philosophy of clocking out of Earth-Life and clocking into Heaven-Life, or the Buddhist notion of this enlightened state where we boycott all the suffering of the physical life. As such, I’m not suggesting that all these millions of people have got it wrong… Not at all… But what I am suggesting leads me to my next point…

2. Even if this idea of reaching some sort of infallible state where nothing bad happens is true, what does this mean for the physical life? Personally, I’m of a mind of, “Why would we incarnate in a physical form just to spend the entire time that we’re in said physical form, dedicated to getting back out of the physical form?” And, why would we spend that life denying ourselves of the things we really want to do in favour of some larger-than-life ideal? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

As a psychology fanatic, it seems to me that to be relentlessly dedicated to such an ideal would imply some desire to escape to solace that is believed to be unattainable in the physical life. To spend your whole life wanting to get to heaven – or whatever we’re calling it – would imply that negative emotion and negative experiences are feared so much so that engaging in elaborate practices to sanctify oneself in this way or that to meet someone else’s ideal of the ‘right’ way of living, is preferable to facing your demons and absorbing this physical reality for all it’s worth.

Personally, I love this reality. This life is so amazing. Yeah, sometimes it’s fuckin’ horrendous. But that doesn’t mean it’s worth trying to escape from. I mean, I’ll be the first to tell you that when the going gets tough, I just want to physically regress to the size of a baby and just *pop* out of existence. I often have said that I’d like to de-incarnate and go back home. But the truth is, we are human now. This is our home. So are we really doing ourselves any favours by obsessing over this ideal of some utopian non-physical paradise when the planet, it’s people, our own bodies and our own lives need our help?

Once again, for clarity, I’d like to be clear that I’m not saying that striving for that which resonates with us is wrong or bad. That would defeat the object of what I’m putting across here. My perspective is really one of fully 100% experiencing this physical life. Because, if we’re unhappy here on Earth – so much so to the point where we’re obsessed with this idea of ascension and would like to just evaporate out of this physical reality and manifest into something better – focusing on ascending and ignoring our physical existence won’t make the physical life any easier to handle. And once we’ve finished with our ascension meditations and mer-ka-ba activations so that we can navigate the void, we open our eyes and we’re back in our physical life. We still require food and water, we still require sleep; we are still human.

I do understand the desire to escape. As I said, I have it myself when I hit rock-bottom. But this is the nature of this reality. Contrast, polarity. (Ahh, an impromptu poem!) While we’re here as humans, there’s no escaping it. And yes, hitting rock-bottom occasionally is part of the experience. Without the contrast of rock-bottom, we have no appreciation for the euphoric, ecstatic heights which are the other side of the coin. And while it seems much easier to ignore that which causes you emotional and mental dissonance in favour of some heavenly paradise land, I promise you that the time spent living up until the the point of release will be much like hell.

So why am I writing this then? Why am I sharing this perspective of mine with you? Because this life that we’re all experiencing is so wonderful. It’s so… vast, complex and novel that to avoid it in favour of some religious ideal seems outrageous to me. However, to avoid the idea of some greater more harmonious reality waiting on the other side of the veil seems to me to diminish happiness also. As such, as with everything, my preference and advocation is that of balance. The happy medium wherein we do not deny ourselves of the highs and lows of the physical life, but on the same token, we do not deny ourselves of the desire to believe in something bigger and more harmonious than what we are experiencing right now in this reality. I mean, we understand the Law of Attraction… Without expecting that something more harmonious already exists, it would be impossible for us to experience it. So, let’s keep an open heart.

This balance comes with the understanding that we are human and that there are things which come with being human. Those things include: love, heartbreak and heartache, happiness and joy, physical pain and trauma and so on. And whether or not we spend our entire lives clawing desperately at this idea of ascension, we are still human and we are still required to be human while we are here having this experience – whatever being human means to us. I mean, if you really hate being a human so much, you aren’t obliged to keep living. Suicide is always an option! Hahah, I’m joking of course. Buuuut as you’re here and you’ve lived for this long, it would be so much of a hassle to start again from being a baby… So why not step into fully experiencing all that you are presented with… Physical and non-physical, happy and sad, painful and euphoric?

You are here because you chose to be, please never forget that. You are the transformation, transpiring. And by merely existing you transform that which is around you. You are aiding the ascension whether you are doing mer-ka-ba meditations or not. You are aiding universal expansion just by existing. And that is glorious.

HERE IS THE MOMENT: You are ascending whether you are spending your time focusing on it or not. You are expanding whether you like it or not. So, you have a choice… Will you commit to life?

Of course, as always, what I’m sharing here is my personal perspective. Take it or leave it. I’m not asking you to do more than take with you that which resonates and leave that which doesn’t. As a coach, I see people who prefer escapism and I see the pain it causes them time and time again. And, the pain is there either way… So my query is… “Why not just dive in deep and absorb life for all it’s worth?”

This life truly is invigorating, if you let it be. You are the transformation.

I love you


Live, love and play.