Today, I was scrolling through facebook, as we all do from time to time… Just seeing what was there. An image appeared on my newsfeed. It was one of those quotes which ends in “Then the world will know peace.” There are a lot of these floating around the cyber space. And often times when I see something which feels contradictory to the natural flow of life, my avatar spirit awakens and I am compelled to share something.

Today was no exception. I shared this as a status on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you guys too.

IMG_2677‘All these “when such and such a thing happens we will know peace,” quotes… Harmony comes from the contrast of disharmony. Peace comes from the absence of it. When we know peace, we shall see harmony restored in ourselves and as a consequence, on this planet. It’s the same as “when I have a big house, a fast car, the latest iPhone and a million and one other things, I’ll be happy,” be happy and you’ll be happy… Then you’ll attract more happiness. Transmute the misery and call in the shimmering of all that lies within. it’s magic you see, when we learn to be all we want to see, then we can be nothing else but free. Breathe in the chi! Simple alchemy!’

After posting this, I was asked how transmutation is done. Here is where my energy peaked and this is the real gem I’d like to share with you.

‘Transmutation is taught best in the natural world by water. When the water of a stream becomes polluted it does not cease to flow, but rather it allows the contaminated water to be present. Why? Because there is much more pure water than that which is contaminated. This is the natural order of things. And so through continued flow, the contamination dissipates and the minerals present in the pollution become yet more valuable minerals present within the water. This is the alchemy, the transformation of the disharmonious into the harmonious.Film_-_Katara_waterbending
This is the same for the human experience, when we are experiencing what feels like pollution of our experience, the allowance of that pollution for the purpose of learning and growth is beneficial. To resist the contamination is to cause the water to become stagnant and the pollution will breed then.

Your emotions are water, let them flow and be with them, present in the flow. This is internal alchemy.
When we embody this transformation we become the transformation that it seems this world is waiting for. In truth, the transformation is ever-present and is currently transpiring effortlessly.

When a room full of candles has all the candles lit, the light dissipates the darkness. Save for the shadows which serve for further expansion of light. In a room already out, a torch is redundant.

When we stand in the light, we cast a shadow. This is the natural way of the world. The light and the dark, the yin and yang. All, always in perfect balance. And it is wonderful.’

Once again, water and fire are a great teacher. Yin Yang being their origin.

I hope this serves you well my friends!


Live, love and play!