How do we know the things that we have no business knowing, really? How did I know – without being told – that a friend of mine’s new friend had a ‘greasy’ energy, and that she would be meeting a stout Asian girl with dark shoulder length hair very soon? How did I know – without being told – that Mother Mary brought the smell of roses with her? How did I know that, when my lover was visiting her family, there was a strong smell of perfume in the air? How did I smell the perfume myself and describe it? How did I know the exact smell that a deceased family member of hers used to carry around with him? I’ll tell you how…

What many call intuition – the tuition from within; what many call angels, guides, messages, downloads… They are all the same. The reality we experience, underneath the veil of physicality has no definite boundaries or borders between one thing and the next. At it’s rawest level, the reality we perceive does not distinguish between one entity and the next. The reality we are experiencing day-to-day does not recognise time as a linear flow of events occurring in sequence. The ever-present reality we are experiencing eternally does not differentiate between one place and another – distance is not registered by omnipotence.

What does recognise this separation is the particular expression – above the veil – that is within the will of the everything to manifest as a singular expression of itself. In other words, what does recognise a separation between me and you, the land and the sky and so on, is the manifest third-dimensional perspective, of which the human perspective is one of many. What it comes down to when we are looking at how intuition works is being able to believe that you are not separate from everything else to the extent when you are able to transcend the barriers and boundaries.

We are aware of the original desire which created duality and from there, reality as we know it was seeded. (This is the core of the creation story which has been regurgitated and reinvented through the years by various different humans with various different ideas) Well, it was from that original desire that you and I came into being, and it was through that original desire that the possibility of this complex and novel reality was conceived. As such, we are able to be present somewhere, physically, having our ethereal bodies manifesting a reality in which everything appears separate and autonomous but is in fact all part of the same eternal, omnipresent, life-force energy that we call Source, or God. It’s because of this that intuition, angels, guides, messages and downloads are a possible reality for us.

Our ethereal bodies manifest our reality via vibrational resonance, we know this: We hold a particular vibrational resonance in the form of our ethereal bodies ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????and this acts as a magnet for all resonant vibrations. Literally magnetising everything that is a match to it’s vibration. This process would be limitless and instantaneous if it wasn’t for a particular detail… In order for our ethereal bodies to manifest any reality for us (itself) to experience, that potential reality must be harmonious. Harmonious how? For a potential reality to be harmonious, it must be able to flow through the gateway of the conscious and subconscious minds unscathed. It comes down to our belief patterns when we’re looking at whether a potential reality will become a possible reality and from there a manifest reality. Imagine this: A large cube of cheese being pushed through a large square of cheese-wire. It can move through, unscathed and remain as it is. This is what is happening when our belief patterns do not hinder the raw, clean vibration of the potential reality that we desire. Now imagine the same cube of cheese going through an equally large, but this time circular length of cheese-wire. What happens? The edges get sliced off. The potential still exists in a similar way, but it’s potency has been limited.

So now, imagine what happens to that same block of cheese if it is pushed through a mesh of criss-crossed, cheese-wise, like a chain-link fence. It gets sliced and crushed into tiny pieces. Still part of that same potential reality’s vibration, but not nearly as recognisable as it would be if it was pushed through the circle – and not comparable the full-sized square. This is exactly the same when it comes to reality manifesting. The cheese being the potential reality and the wire being our beliefs. We will never experience the reality we desire to experience if we hold beliefs which disallow that cheese from moving through unscathed or, at the very least, relatively unscathed.

chainlinkIn terms of receiving messages or divine aid, what’s happening is that in order for us to accept the information that we are receiving from an unlimited divine source which for most is unbelievably, inconceivably, intensely massive, a messenger that is much more believable, much more conceivable and significantly less intense in manifestation – although still quite intense – must appear to us. Our cheese-wire doesn’t allow us to realise the true extent of our power and presence and so we experience it as something other than us – something perceivably separate. Though, when you look at it – and that everything is interconnected – it becomes rather apparent, rather quickly that we are in fact one and the same and that, that angel, that guide, that saint, that spirit is, us anyway – it’s us, manifested in a different form to convey a message to itself so that we will listen and understand without ignoring it because our cheese-wire beliefs don’t want us to believe in how awesome we really are.

What does this mean then? It means that if we are, energetically, somewhere then we will be able to experience reality as if our physical body is there too. After-all, our physical body is the consequence of our ethereal body – our non-physical counterpart. So, if our ethereal body is somewhere and we are fully focused on being there, there will be periodic blips – glitches in the matrix as it were – which allow our physical bodies to experience certain sensations which would only usually be accessible through actually, physically, being wherever it is our ethereal body is. Examples of this are me smelling my partner’s sister’s perfume or the notable smell of her family member who has moved on from that physical life. (What’s important to remember is that the ethereal body isn’t in a ‘space’ in terms of physical environment, but rather a vibrational space – a frequency which resonates at the frequency of the experience we desire.)

3D-graphics_The_universe_in_the_creator_hands_016116_Naturally, we are incredibly attached to our beliefs that our physical bodies cannot vanish from one place and appear in another without the aid of teleportation because our entire existence is based around navigating our immediate spacial environments and impending deadlines, so much so that if we were to attempt to detach from that reality entirely, our environmental construct would fall into disarray – we’d lose our jobs, houses, partners, friends and so on – or we would vanish entirely, all-together.

So, what’s the balance point then? How do we access our intuition – or psychic powers, easily? Our remote-senses, effortlessly? How do we manifest our desired realities powerfully? And so on? The trick comes down to our level of resistance. If our belief patterns resist our desired experiences, like the cheese-wire, then the best thing we can is work on shifting our beliefs in a way which allows our desired realities to manifest. Due to the fact that our physical realities are constructed of very dense vibrations which are the result of powerful dominant vibrations which have been focused on and reinforced over time, it takes a while for the energy residue from older vibrations to shift. As such, it may take a while and plenty of dedication for the changes in our beliefs to integrate, just like it takes a while for our desired realities to manifest. If we are dedicated to our happiness however, this time will pass like nothing. So, the best thing we can do is work on shifting any disharmonious, destructive or dis-empowering beliefs while simultaneously making time for regular meditation.

Why do I recommend meditation? Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind. This can be to focus the mind on one thing in particular, like a hobby. Or it can be to focus the mind on nothing at all, emptying it completely. The latter is what I recommend – a regular practice of empty-mind meditation. The empty-mind state, when the meditation is practised regularly, can be reached effortlessly, whenever it is desired. Empty-mind meditation is done through breathing rhythmically (for the same length of time in and out), in through the nose, out through the mouth and focusing all of your attention on your breath. If you notice your mind straying, gently bring it back to focusing on the breath. Allow any thoughts that arise to drift away just as easily as they came. Eventually, your mind will become clear and the empty-mind state will be unlocked for you for a time – the amount of time it is easily accessible for on a day-to-day basis is proportional to the amount of time you practice achieving it during meditation. With any form of meditation, the benefits are great and the purpose they serve here is to temporarily remove the cheese-wire and allow your potential realities to flow through effortlessly, without hindrance. During the empty-mind state, this is possible.

A break-down and summary… Angels, guides, higher self, saints, spirits, the ascended masters, are all you. They are you, manifested a form which appears separate so that you can accept what it is offering without your ego getting in the way of what you know is true. Working on releasing the pain and resistance in your belief patterns and meditation in equal measure are paramount in the pursuit of unlocking your intuition and in turn, returning to the state of the powerful creator – a state which you were born into and which you never truly left. If you’d like help with releasing the pain and resistance in your belief patterns which are stopping you from unlocking your intuition and your powerful creative potential, I’d be honoured to work with you one-to-one.

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I trust this will serve you well. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as your guide in this understanding today. To request a topic for future blog posts or videos, visit the Contact page.


Live, love and play!