For many of us, Mercury Retrograde can be a tricky time to handle. For some, it’s a welcome shift in energy. For others, it can be a really turbulent time where the energy seems to slow down in a sort of smog. Turbulent smog, how fun, right?

Whether you find Mercury in Retrograde to be a welcome shift or turbulent smog, here’s a powerful meditation I’ve channelled which helps to receive all the positive benefits of this astrological occurrence. What’s important to remember is that Mercury Retrograde affects you however you allow it to. All of these astrological occurrences are energetic waves which are only part of the entire vibrational cocktail available to us at any given moment! Many of us choose to allow only the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde to impact us. While this is a choice we are free to make, to create a victim of ourselves is a very dis-empowering choice to make. If we can choose to only receive the negative effects, we can also choose to only receive the positive effects! Or, we can choose to receive both. For your life, the choice is yours!


Step 1. Begin as you would any other meditation. Deep breaths – in through your nose, out through your mouth. Centre and ground yourself as you usually would. Awaken your chakras if you know how to and wish to.


Step 2. Begin to sense the energy that Mercury is emitting during it’s Retrograde period. During this time Mercury brings cleansing, patience, serenity, inward focus, consideration and inner peace.

Feeling the pulses resonating out from Mercury and travelling over the Earth. Feel it as a warm breeze of blue and white light, flowing towards you and caressing your skin. Awakening every cell’s innate receptivity and potential.

closed lotus flower

Step 3. See yourself as a lotus flower. Closed for now. While you have felt that it was necessary to protect yourself from certain parts of your human experience, you notice now that too much shielding will cause you to block the flow of the beneficial energy as well as the detrimental energy. Trust yourself and your natural filter to disallow any unhealthy, detrimental energies. Trust yourself and your natural filter to allow only healthy, beneficial and harmonious energies into your life, creating the most beautiful life possible.


Step 4. With each breath, another pulse of energy comes from Mercury, to you – another warm breeze of this cleansing, peaceful, compassionate energy blowing. And with each breath, you open more, more in each breath. With each breath another petal opens and with each petal opening, you are allowing these positive, beneficial and beautiful energies of Mercury into your energy field. Just as the Lotus Flower requires sun to thrive, the human body requires a diversity of energies to thrive. In this moment, you are allowing yourself to flourish and grow to be the most beautiful version of yourself.

10014603_364436730361205_1309444740_nStep 5. With deeper slower breaths now, allow the energy of Mercury to enter to your being mid-way between your heart and throat chakras – just below your collar bone. Breathe the energy into the rest of your being from there. Upwards and downwards. As you breath more, the energy expands and expands. It flows into your being and flow through your being from it’s entrance point. The energy builds inside you and fills everything you are until…

Until, it builds so much that it bursts from you. As you continue to breathe, this energy continues to flow, in between your heart and throat chakras, it surges through your being and bursts from your skin. You feel this peaceful, cleansing, compassionate, serene energy filling everything that you are and exploding from your ethereal being, emanating this energy all around you. From this moment on, for as long as you feel this energy, everybody you touch will receive it, everyone you hug will receive a transmutation from the energy. And everyone you think of will be blessed by this energy. This meditation can be done as often or as regularly as you desire.

Congratulations, you just transmuted everything negative about Mercury Retrograde in your experience and replaced it with harmony and peace.

Comment below and let me know how you got on with this meditation. Also, share/repost this to help your friends and family have a harmonious Mercury Retrograde too!


Live, love and play!