So far this year -in all the three days that we’ve had as yet- I’ve seen and learned so much about what this year holds. Now, usually, I don’t speak about the future. Partly because it’s so changeable. Mainly because I’m so changeable. But this year seems to have such an energy about it that I can’t not write something about it…

In these first three days of 2015, I’ve said goodbye to my hamster. (Whom I’ll not name because part of me feels like naming the recently deceased more than once after they die will confuse their souls and hinder their embrace of the next life) He was a great friend to me. He kept me company when I was confused, lost, lonely and going through those more difficult times in my life. All-in-all, my relationship with him was a symbol of an older part of my life -a part which I no longer identify with- and, as such, him passing on is giving me the opportunity to move on too.

I said my final farewell to my tiny little friend yesterday and gave him the proper burial service he deserved, with everything he needs for the death journey, what he needed to survive in life – so described in Michelle Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. I gave him bedding to keep him comfortable, food and shelter. The only thing I could bury him with was water but it rained heavily last night so that did the trick. My furry little friend got the send-off he deserved and he will always be remembered for his energetic antics.

As I washed my hands clean after clearing out his cage for the last time, I shed some tears for my little friend. He lived a long life for a hamster. And now, with him well on his way to another life, I too am on my way to another, better life.

This year is the year for me. This is my year to shine.

It seems to be the general consensus that this year is the year of self-love. The year to care for ourselves and the year to finally ascertain the life we’ve been dreaming of and putting things in place for since 2012. In the past few years, I’ve let go of plenty of things from my old life – Relationships, habits and so on. And now I’m ready to fully embrace what’s  coming for me.

So what is coming for me?

I don’t really know the specifics to be honest. If I was to sit here and plan every cosm of it, it’d be dull and tedious by the end. I want to leave space for the flow of life to guide me to things and pull my heart to different places. But there are a few things I know that I do want.

  1. Rosa. Mexico. Life. Love. ‘nough said.
  2. To work with more people and inspire more happiness in more lives. If more happiness is something you want, send me a message and let’s arrange some one-to-one work.
  3. Once I’m settled in Mexico, a band. Imagine a fusion of English folk and Mexican energy… Mmmm…
  4. More YouTube… More Blogging… More being real with people and encouraging them to do the same!

Other than that, I don’t know what I’ll have happen. I’m open to seeing what the Everything shows me. I’m buzzing to get the next chapter of my life started and this calm and supportive energy that 2015 has brought is really encouraging. I’m loving it.

What do you want for 2015? Let me know in the comments below. What are you going to MAKE happen? And what will you welcome into your life?!

Keep it real, spiritualites.

Live, love and play!

also, may the force be with you…