I arrived in Mexico this past Tuesday morning. That’s right, I’m finally here! It has been a long time coming but I am finally here; able to hold my love in my arms, look into her eyes with my own and kiss her lips. We knew this year would be the year for us and it seems the nine months we spent building the spiritual and emotional components of our relationship have paid of because being together seems, for both of us, to be the most incredible experience.

My journey to Mexico and through it was one of the most transcendental experiences I have ever had. Going from living in a little room, repurposed for my own ends, out into the world and into another country no less – one which speaks a language I know so little of, may I add… It was intense. And when I say intense, I don’t mean bad intense at all. There were parts where I was literally bricking it but each worry was swiftly undermined by the universal flow showing me that there was really nothing worthy of that much worry in the first place. Whether it was customs or immigration in the airport, the language barrier, the fact that I hadn’t flown for a long time and never alone or the 7 hour airport waiting games I endured between each flight, none of it was so terrible that it warranted a bad mood and it all passed without a hitch. While travelling from England to Mexico over a 28 hour continuous journey, I kept a travel diary which detailed my feelings and thoughts before, after and sometimes during each hurdle. It was a great thing to write to be honest and it helped me in so many ways. When I have time soon – amidst the passion and excitement of this new lifestyle of mine – I will write up my travel diary entries one by one for you guys to enjoy too. It really is remarkable to see the transformation I went through evident in the story as I progressed through the phases of my journey.

IMG_8686Working as a team with Rosa is an effortless flow of respect, understanding and love. And in the past few days we have begun to build our home into a house from the ground up. Every day our house becomes more of a home. It’s a project for us – a labour of love so to speak – & with everything we do, the love we share grows…

For those of you who we no doubt asking yourselves, “is it what it seemed it would be, now you’re together?” The answer is yes. And also no. Yes because it’s the most amazing experience – being with someone whom you love and care for so much and have generated a powerful bond with via conversations online alone. I believe that is in no small part due to our unwavering and fearless honesty with one another; always sharing what we feel and remembering that the things we’re scared to tell and the things we need to tell. And no because no matter what you have in your mind with these things, there’s always something you didn’t expect or something you didn’t count on being the case. For me that happened to be Rosa being even more lovely, funny, considerate and beautiful that I would’ve allowed myself expect her to be. In my mind, it was a standard of expectation too high for any human. To expect someone to be that… WOW… That would be unfair… Yet that is Rosa’s natural state.

All-in-all, if nothing else, let this serve for you as it does for me… Among other things, this entire experience has shown me that if we’re dedicated enough and willing to commit and believe (and get off our arse and trust in the flow enough to leap into the impossible) then the life we want for ourselves may only be a plane ride away… Or maybe 9 months away… Or maybe 28 hours… The life you want for yourself is waiting for you to do what it takes to seize it and call it yours. I did. Now it’s your turn.

Keep it real.
Live, live and play!