With or without the idea of an eternal and omnipresent flow always moving everything towards a great harmony, the phrase “patience is a virtue” is used so often in so many different forms worldwide… Why? And what is the value of patience?

Tiger_2A bird of prey surveying the land or waters for their dinner… A feline predator waiting to pounce… Largely considered to be the most fearsome hunters in this world, always making their kill and timing it down to the right heartbeat, these expert strategists are a prime example of patience in action.

The distinction here between active patience and passive patience must be addressed here however…

If passive, a hungry predator may wait a full day for a meal and never be fed. Perhaps it’s fear or laziness that still him. Either way, an inactive hunter who is not prepared to take action when the moment is right may look on hungry and never fill his belly. Save, perhaps, for with the rotting carcass of a withered pensioner gazelle who survived into its old age. Or maybe with a second-hand meal killed by another.

Build your life or it will be built by another to suit them better.

This then is where active patience comes into daylight. If passive patience is defined by its cause being laziness of fear determining the actions of the hunter then active patience can be defined by the wise and tempered biding of time.il_340x270.113009606

The primary difference between active patience and passive patience is an intention to act – an awareness which guides the understanding that in order to hold something in ones hand, one tighten ones grip. No matter how patiently one waits, the wise among us understand that the moment for us to tighten our hold will always come. The tiger waits until the opportune moment to pounce. As do her feline brothers and sisters – lions, leopards and even domestic cats. A moment too soon and the herd will scatter with no target in range. A moment too late and the target will be lost for good.

Like the eagle or the owl or the hawk, the wise among us watch, observe, pay attention to the obvious and the subtle alike… Waiting until the opportune moment to speak. In doing this, our well-informed words which are based on careful reflection and consideration end up carrying the most weight. In this active patience, our aims are achieved and our targets hit dead on.

Wu Wei.

Keep it real.

Live, love and play.