It’s odd, really. When I sit back and think about how long I’ve been writing on this blog for… The first post was published back in November 2013. It was back when I was going through a weird time in my life. Finding my feet as someone who was really stepping into their spirituality and also dealing with a fair few detrimental situations. Addiction and an unhealthy relationship to name two. I started writing it because I felt inspired – by the leader of this weird cult I was involved in at the time – to be “transparent” and “authentic”. She was doing it and I admired her, so I figured I’d give it a go. Following her public endorsement of this sort of an approach to personal problems, I started to write and write often. I recorded every grisly detail of what I thought was a deep introspective journey. It was really conditioning by the cult but that’s another story.

A Selkie. In Norse and Celtic tradition, these beautiful beings live in the sea as seals and – to walk on land – shed their skins and take human form. A fitting metaphor for my current shedding and changing, I feel. Image for purchase here:

In the end, conditioning or no, I learned a lot about myself. Mainly in spite of the cult experience rather than as a direct result of it. Nonetheless, that’s how this blog got its start. And then from there, it became a journal of sorts. I offered my advice on things, I share ideas and concepts, I complained about and debunked things… This blog has been present in my life as I have shed layer after layer of personal attachments and illusion of myself. But aside from all of that, this blog has become much more than just a log of stuff I thought once or was once. It’s actually become a map of sorts. Of sorts because what it’s done is it has charted my journey from the person I was in November 2013 all through 2014, 2015 and to now. And now, given the trajectory, it serves as a pretty good cast for where I might be one, two, three years on from now. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Despite my current trajectory – the details of which remain blurring and undefined to me as of now – I can’t help but appreciate the fact that this blog has been part of my life for so long. And, without even noticing it or – uncharacteristically incorporating it into my identity badge with which I can relate to the world – this blog has become a considerate consistent element of my life. It’s been my outlet and it’s been my home away from home at times. It’s been my opportunity to speak out and share what makes sense to me – much more than YouTube has ever been really.

On top of that, it’s come to light recently, that this blog has helped people to overcome issues they’ve had in their lives. And it’s helped people connect with me as a person in a more organic way. It’s helped me to find friends – a phenomenon which I’m actually re-adjusting to having present in my life right now.

All-in-all, this blog has been a force for good in my life and I am incredibly grateful for it. But, you know what, the difference between a blog and a diary is who reads it. And without readers, a blog is just a posh online diary. So, I have to recognise the fact that without you, my dear reader, this blog would not be what it is today. I can’t thank you enough for being the silent observer of my life and my path unfolding. It’s been a joy and a pain in varying bouts to live my life. And it’s been a complete joy to share with you along the way.

So, once again, thank you for reading this blog. I can’t say that without you reading it, I wouldn’t write it. But you certainly make it more magical and all the more worth doing.

Big hugs!

Keep it real!

Live, love and play!

With love,

Andey x