I dreamt of an eagle last night. Brown as earth with eyes golden-yellow and piercing. Alighted in a tree, the eagle faces the expanse of the desert we find ourselves in. Between us, only a dusty pathway of sand. Surrounding us, sandstone walls carved with care but no real finesse. An archway to my right which I am aware of in the edge of my view yet, I am captivated by this eagle as it rests itself in the tree. Its majesty demands my attention.

The sun beats down on the dry ground. The ground itself having already given all it can to the sun god and, scorched as it is, sings its song of emptiness to the heavens. Its song, every word a prayer for rain.

The eagle shuffles in the tree, seeking a better balance. The wind gliding over its deep brown feathers.

From nowhere, as usual, a ginger cat almost invisible on the scorched earth appears to me. Happy to accompany me, Tam walks around the place. He is at home and not at all concerned about the eagles presence though, I thought, he must be aware that with a single swoop he could be gone like the dust on the wind that swirls around us before leaving this place forever.

Tam looks at me, eyes squinting from the brightness of the sun and the sand alike. I am ready to leave now, my granddad having joined my side. Tam mews, suspicion evident in his movements.

“It’s okay.” I tell him, “It’s me.”

I whistle as I do when I feed him in the mornings. He recognises the sound and his eyes smile with familiarity.

He is up on his feet and beside me as we walk down a greener path with trees growing from one side.

The eagle remains, regal and knowing in the tree, staring out across the barren vastness. His presence demanding of respect and the smallest semblance of fear. A stillness always fills the air when an eagle is before you. Like with the owl gripping your arm, you know that you must respect it and trust yourself as much as it trusts you. And it does trust you, else it would not be there.

390422_4090882843250_1961348192_nI once held an owl on my arm. And the trust and reverence that is summons within you in the moment where you have a powerful creature resting its whole body on your arm… It’s breathtaking. It is unlike anything else. The same sense comes to you when you see a creature equally if not more powerful and majestic in person, – flying over your head as has been the case for me before – in dreams as I wrote here, or in meditation.

The eagle was with me during my wedding days, helping me to clear the limitations and nervousness I had gripping me. And it seems remarkably fitting now that the eagle should return when Rosa and I face the difficulties we face now.

Without going into great detail, the life of a small business owner has its ups and down and sometimes we have to establish a new strategy. Right now is the time for that. We are considering our options and honing our focus for the coming months.

And it seems that cats flock to us in this time too. I mentioned to you before that we have had a growing number of cats visiting us recently. Here are some pictures of the visitors which I have been snapping over the last few days since my last post…

Lovely clean window

And another of two Tuff…


I’ll catch you soon!

Keep it real!

Live, love and play!

Andey x