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Hi, my name is Andey. I’m a mystic, which means I’m into personal and spiritual growth in a way that has lead me to end up living in a way that’s a bit unconventional. I’m also a writer, which means that I write stuff.

I’ve been writing this blog since 2013. In that time, I’ve used it as a sort of journal which has documented pretty much every stage of my personal journey through life. I’ve not deleted many of the posts in the time that I’ve been writing this blog so feel free to go and have a look at how much of an idiot I used to be. Yeah, I’ve even left the ones that make me go bright red and start sweating.

talk smileTogether with my wife, Rosa, I run an international business called Darshan Road which trains people in the art of energy management. Which basically means that we help people live happier lives by cutting out the nonsense and the bullshit. A huge part of that is helping people to develop their innate spiritual gifts – whether they are closet coaches or closet energy workers, we help them to harness their in-born abilities and put them to good use. We even go the extra mile and help them set up their businesses.

I’ve tried to be and do so many things in my life and I’ve spent years trying to figure out what I’m about. And in all I’ve learned, I’ve just become more cynical, more sarcastic and more honest. Growing up, my dad always said that I took no prisoners. Well, that’s about as true now as it’s ever been. So, if you’re into that sort of stuff, have a bit of a look at my posts. I don’t promise to post often but I do promise that my posts are always honest, heart-felt and as cutting as ever.

I’m always ready to rant about something and potentially upset a few people in the process, so if you want to request a topic, feel free. You can do that with the form on the Contact Page.

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Live, love and play.


Andey and his partner Rosa
Andey and his wife Rosa

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