Helping You Drive Your Vision Forward

Do you have an amazing vision for a fantastic product, service or event but don’t know how to begin to make it a reality? Do you have an idea formulating that you need some clarity on? Or do you have a fully planned out project that just needs an extra little something to bring it to life?

If you are involved in Spirituality, Mind Body & Spirit, or Personal Development and could use an expert-level creative person to spark off of then Andey’s Creative Sparking Sessions are for you. With creativity running through his bones and a family entrenched in marketing, Andey helps entrepreneurs get clear on new products, services, business ventures and lifestyles.

Sometimes people come to Andey with no more than an idea; sometimes it’s part-developed and needs refining; sometimes they just want to know how to bring it to life. Andey helps them to know how that will happen.

For whichever reason Andey is approached for a Creative Sparking Session there is always an extremely positive and immediately useful result. Whether clients are looking for clarity in a business, personal or spiritual situation, Andey helps with instant, conceptual idea creation, targeted brainstorming, expansive dreams to work towards, refining lofty aims down to bare essentials and so much more.

With a natural talent for imagination and creation Andey’s limitless creativity is something you won’t want to miss out on…

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