I Ching Readings are available here. If you are interested in having your current vibration and possible choices of action read for you based on ancient Chinese divination techniques using the Book of Changes or the I Ching please follow the link below and follow the instructions!

To receive your I Ching reading please carry out the following process:

  1. Gather three identical coins of any currency. Eg: 3 pennies.
  2. Hold them in your hands as though they were dice.
  3. Hold the intention of receiving the answer to the question you have chosen to ask (available options are in the form below).
  4. Keep this intention focused in your mind while you scramble the coins in your hands as you would with dice before throwing in a board game.
  5. Cast the coins down onto a flat surface and make a note of how many heads and how many tails there are. For example… Write “Throw #1 – 2H 1T.”IMG_2329
  6. Do this five more times so you have cast the coins six times and six combinations of heads and tails. An example photograph is to the right.
  7. Once you have your list of throws, please fill out the form below.