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Do you feel as though your spiritual growth is stunted? Do you feel like you’re spiritual development is being hindered by something as yet unidentified? Do you want to feel empowered and free to be who you are? Do you feel like you are limited by your spiritual labels? If so, this is for you…

An exclusive teaching from Andey (Andey Fellowes) & Anjara (Grounding Wisdom) on the benefits and drawbacks of defining ourselves based on labels and archetypes. Through this FREE inspired and insightful webinar you will gain:


  • Clarity about your infinite nature

  • Confidence to be yourself

  • Insight into how to use labels beneficially

  • The power to define yourself and step into your authenticity

With Anjara & Andey

Anjara – Founder of Grounding Wisdom & Psychic

anjara grounding wisdom“I work with light-workers to help them to release their super powers so they can fulfil their mission here. I help my clients to be who they are without limitation and enjoy a life of abundance.”




Andey – Spiritual Teacher & Coach

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA“I work with people to rediscover their self-love, self-worth and quality of life. It’s a really rewarding practice which leaves me with more energy than I come with.”


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