Here’s the place where you can get your hands on digital downloads on my digital EP, ‘International Love.’

Download now for £4.99

The songs are as follows:

1. I Might Look The Part – Inspired by the feelings and emotions which emerge when an ex appears in your life.

2. Wish Them Well (Shed Your Tears) – When Nature reclaims what we had warped. Inspired by the necessary letting go of that which no longer serves us but we’ve clung to for so long. Allowing yourself to feel how you feel and wishing those who have wronged you on their way.

3. I’ll Come For You – The oldest song on the EP, this song dates back to 2011. It’s a song about love and doing what it takes to be there for your lover, even when you’ve wronged them.

4. I Can’t Not See – This song is inspired by the international love I share with my dear, sweet girlfriend. It’s a straight-up confessional and a candid portrayal of the reality of relationships which begin in a long distance format.

5. And I Love You – The song I’ll sing to my children. When I wrote this, the image of my love and I sitting by the bedside of our young child came to me. It’s a song full of so much love, it’s a tear-jerker.

Download now for £6.99


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