Do you feel like you are surrounded by people who only show up to take advantage of you? Does your life feel stagnant, like you’re stuck in the mud? Do you find yourself unfulfilled, working in a job you despise, every moment thinking of anything but where you are? Do you feel like the only thing you really deserve is what you absolutely * need * and so you are never truly able to have what you want? Do you have a raw direction-less passion for improving your life? Have you invested in course after course and book after book, yet never see results? So much so that you’ve begun to feel disheartened but still, deep inside your soul, you have hope that things can work out?

‘Andey has a deep profound wisdom, he is a very wise soul. With his wisdom, he communicates in a funny, fresh way that is uplifting and instructive at the same time’ – Anjara Linera Blanco, Grounding Wisdom.

Get up-close-and-informational with your friendly neighbourhood Spiritual Teacher, Andey. For grounded advice on spiritual, cosmic, psychological or everyday matters, look no further. After being a YouTube Spiritual Teacher, coach and blogger for a number of years, as well as being an ancient soul who has lived and seen many, many lives, I am able to offer you the guidance you are seeking. I have unique empathic and sensitive extra-sensory abilities which enable me to read your energies and help to give you the information you need in the moment you ask your question.


‘Your knowledge is exceptional!’ – Amber Jobson

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