“Any attempt to escape from reality in the depths of an experience is closing the door on greater levels of happiness in the long run.” – Andey Fellowes, 18/12/2014

“Psychology is the key to spirituality. Get to know yourself and you will know the universe.” – Andey Fellowes, 17/12/2014

“Knowledge of the infinite is not hindered by an experience of the finite.” – Andey Fellowes, 15/12/2014

“If you’re looking for something/someone to immediately have a physical/sexual reaction to, you’re looking for ways to satisfy only your physical urges and, as such, will continue to feel unfulfilled by your experience.” – Andey Fellowes, 15/12/2014

“Your happiness is not owned by your family – it’s not a collective thing – it’s yours. Your life is not a community project, you belong to yourself. Declare emotional independence.” – Andey Fellowes, 13/10/2014

“Authentic sexuality expressed is intimacy experienced through connecting with your true self” – Andey Fellowes, 13/10/2014

“When freedom is found through struggle and strife, beauty is born in love not fight.” – Andey Fellowes, 17/09/2014

“If you are wanting something other than what you have already while holding the belief that you are unable to experience whatever that is, then you are trying to replace a part of who you are with something that you deem is better than who you are. And that is difficult because you are everything.” – Andey Fellowes, 12/09/2014

“In love, we are powerful, infinite beings having an intimate experience with ourselves. In love, we are realising the full extent of our awesomeness.” – Andey Fellowes, 04/09/2014

“Adventure is not about what you do, it’s about how you think.” – Andey Fellowes, 01/09/2014

“Often, my sessions are like comedy. Through self-discovery comes laughter. With the ability for self-reflection we are able to see ourselves in a new light. The laughter comes when we are releasing the old, residual energetic patterns and opening to the new. When we laugh in self-discovery we are saying, “I let go of who I thought I was and now… I welcome my true self.” – Andey Fellowes, on the transformation he provides through his work, 15/08/2014

“When we perpetually attempt to save, help or fix others without them seeking our aid first for an exchange of value (I help you, you help me), we are using the Law of Attraction to create a reality for them in which they are unable to help themselves.” – Andey Fellowes, 15/08/2014

“Your partner is not your reason for living. They are your reminder that you are worthy of it. One of many.” – Andey Fellowes, 18/07/2014

‘”The world doesn’t revolve around you,” is one of the most damaging things a parent can flippantly tell a child. Especially considering how untrue it is. Of course the world revolves around you. Of course your entire universe – your entire reality – revolves around you. They just forgot that because they wanted yours to revolve around them.’ – Andey Fellowes, 14/07/2014

“If somebody is adamant that they are to feel as they feel, who am I to stop them? The infinite being that has incarnated as them has chosen this life with the full knowledge that this experience of theirs may have been a potential. Who am I to stand in the way of expansion?” – Andey Fellowes, 02/07/2014

“It’s okay to forget. We have to forget to remember.” – Andey Fellowes, 21/06/2014

Standing in our authenticity, we are the catalyst for all that surrounds us” – Andey Fellowes, 20/06/2014

“If I’m honest [this energy] is so unbiased, so loving that is really doesn’t love you any less or any more based on which job you work, which hobby you pursue, so on and so forth. It loves you regardless. It loves you as though you are the baby.” – Andey Fellowes, 05/06/2014

The entire universe is in balance right now. You can trust that. – Andey Fellowes, 02/06/2014

“We all carry weight. And one day we can speak of this weight in the past tense. In time we can see to it that the packages are delivered to a comfortable resting place. In thought that we might lighten our load. And when we find that each package is a gift to our past selves, the children that live within us, then we see that in understanding these gifts, we lighten our load. And then we see that it was weightless in the first place.” – Andey Fellowes, 30/05/2014

“I’m not ‘against’ anything. I am, however, ‘for’ a number of things which, when enacted, reduce suffering.” – Andey Fellowes, 27/05/2014

“The thought is not me. The thought is but a consequence of my existence.” – Andey Fellowes,  27/04/2014

“The beauty of living is in loving, playing and flowing.” – Andey Fellowes, 14/01/2014

“This is my vision, my quest, my mission. This is my calling, my promise, my donning. This is my love, and this is my passion. With this we’ll ride and set course for new fashion. This is the age; the time has now come, for us to step outside in the light we have shone. Fear not my brothers, my sisters alike. The time is now coming, we’re out of the night.” – Andey Fellowes, 10/01/2014

“When we allow ourselves to love and be like water simultaneously life becomes a current of love and beauty. All things mesh together to create an experience of wonder worthy of a lifetime of awe.” – Andey Fellowes, 07/01/2014

“Love is a space, not an action and once we love we cannot ‘un-love.’ We just hate that we love whoever it is because they are causing us pain. And we hate the pain because we have forgotten that it is a gift.” – Andey Fellowes, 07/01/2014

“I feel like it’s important – now more than ever – to remember that whether you realise it or not, you are the eye of the storm. This is more than a place you are at, this is what you are. This is what we all are. Whether we are amidst a storm or carelessly floating on calm seas, we are always at the hub of the experience – but we are not the experience itself. That said, it is down to our perspective, focus and intention to determine what experience we have.” – Andey Fellowes, 28/12/2013

“There is a life time in a moment, a world in a seed and a universe in a thought.” – Andey Fellowes, 14/12/2013

“For those who do not know the world in the way we do, for those who do not “see the base-code of the universe” in the way we do, these proclamations appear to be born of ego and self-righteousness. The truth is, and you know it in your heart, we have come here for this reason. We are not deluded and confused en masse.” – Andey Fellowes, 11/12/2013

“Life is a practice of self-love. It’s all about gradually learning to really *be* with yourself, expanding and contracting with love. It’s all about finding balance and being with the moment you are with by virtue of being alive. Everything and no-thing has come together to create what you are experiencing right now, to be there with it, truly there, is so beautiful.” – Andey Fellowes, 11/12/2013

“Everything you sense – everything you see, smell, hear, taste, feel, know, love and hate – is you. You are everything, and everything is you. This is the secret of oneness, there is no ‘other’. No matter how hard, far or long we look we will find nothing that is not a reflection of ourselves. You will never find a single thing that is not a expression of Source. This is oneness, welcome it. Surrender to it. It is love, and it is calling you home.” – Andey Fellowes, 13/11/2013

“Your ability to focus positively within any given situation always determines your level of happiness.” – Andey Fellowes

“If something makes you happy, that’s a good thing.” – Andey Fellowes

“Negativity can be good. Once you learn how to use your negative experiences to your advantage, everything is fun.” – Andey Fellowes

“The universe is holographic. Everything we experience will show up in many forms, whether in the macro or the micro. This is the universe’s playful manner.” – Andey Fellowes