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How do I know this is for me?

If your life feels stagnant, like you’re stuck in the mud; If you find yourself unfulfilled, working in a job you despise, every moment thinking of anything but where you are; If you feel like you are surrounded by people who only show up to take advantage of you; If you feel like the only thing you really deserve is what you absolutely *need* and so you are never truly able to have what you want; If you have a raw direction-less passion for improving your life; If you have invested in course after course and book after book, yet never see results – so much so that you’ve begun to feel disheartened but still, deep inside your soul, you have hope that things can work out… If you relate to any of the above statements, this is for you.

If you’re ready to be surrounded by people who love you, make you smile and laugh and help you to flourish; if you’re ready to find out what your life is all about; if you’re ready to wake up to a loving partner and share a delicious breakfast together, abundant with your favourite foods; if you’re ready to live the future of your dreams in every moment now, so much so that you’re no longer thinking of the future; if you’re ready to have the life that you want, feel confidant and worthy of attaining what you want for your life; if you’re ready to be able to connect with your heart and happiness; if you are ready to live the life of your dreams; if you are ready to naturally and effortlessly receive everything you desire; if you’re ready for your life to reflect an inner state of abundance and joy, then today is your day. If you have decided that it’s time for you to be happy, this is for you.

I am offering exactly this massive transformation to you today.
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A Limitless Promise

potentialThrough Working With Me, You Will:

  • Get clear answers on why you’re stuck where you don’t want to be.
  • Solidify your vision of a perfect life.
  • Identify the simple and easy things to be done to get back on track.
  • Receive the support you need to put the things in place which will guarantee the life you want.
  • Always feel purpose-driven and fulfilled after every session.
  • Have a safe and caring environment to discover new and amazing things about yourself.

To connect with yourself and your life like never before, book your first session below.

Exciting & Invigorating Transformation


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Get A Taste Of The Magic:

First-Timer Exclusive: 1 Session – 1 Hour – £20

First-Timer Exclusive – 2for1 – 2 Hours – £50

(First-Timer Exclusives can be stacked if they are purchased within 24hrs of each other)

Commit To The Life Of Your Dreams:

1 Session – £50

1 Month – £149.99 (Save £50)

2 Months – £279.99 (Save £120)

3 Months – £349.99 (Save £250)

6 Months – £499.99 (Save £700)



(Each programme includes one 90 minute session per week = 4 sessions per month of 90 minutes each)

cropped-4.jpgImportant, please read before purchasing: By purchasing a session with Andey Fellowes, you are acknowledging that you are fully aware that the transformation gained through sessions with Andey is dependant on you doing what it takes to make the changes necessary to live the life you want to live. Andey will always – with full confidence – offer the best and most sound advice. By purchasing any session(s) with him, you are accepting full responsibility for the change – or lack thereof – that will take place in your life. By purchasing any session(s) with Andey, you are acknowledging that the transformation you will experience will be proportional to the dedication you maintain in relation to the advice Andey offers, the changes you implement and life you want to be living. Please note that if you have booked and paid for a session and are unable to attend for any reason, you will only have a further two chances to attend. You will be given twenty-four hours prior to the session to reschedule upon one occasion if you are unable to make the agreed time and date. By purchasing any session(s) with Andey Fellowes, you are agreeing to these terms and your payment will be taken as recognition of this. Also, upon transferring funds to Andey you are – as an adult of over 18 years of age – agreeing to a no-refund policy based on the acknowledgement that any dissatisfaction lies in your hands solely, as a result of a lack of dedication, and is not the fault of the coach and therapist. Signed, Andey Fellowes – 2015