“Andey gives his clients a full, high quality service!”

“You’re the embodiment of wisdom, truly.” – Steph Rodney.


Andey’s guidance has definitely enhanced the quality of my awareness of my life’s experience.

“The warm and encouraging energy which Andey encompasses during interaction is of a purely conducive quality. The delivery is always comforting and relatable. There seems to be impeccable timing, also aiding greatly to the comprehension and integration of material.  

The flexible balance of psychology and spiritually-based knowledge that he offers proves to be superbly beneficial. Since our first greetings in 2014, there’s remained a consistently open line of communication. I accredit this to Andey’s dedicated availability and passion for service. Being provided with Andey’s guidance has definitely enhanced the quality of my awareness of my life’s experience. I feel blessed to join in and connect with Andey, and others within the spiritual community attending the weekly Satsang via Skype.

I would recommend very confidently that anyone intrigued definitely follow through. Allow yourself to indulge in any of the delightful services he provides.               Thanks so much Andey!”

– Kelly B.

jenni maria

“Thank you Andey, you have helped me to turn my life around!”

“Before I started working with Andey, I thought that the situation I was in wasn’t bad enough for me to ask for help. I thought that I had to handle my life alone. In the end, I had to be honest with myself and reach out. Within a week of my first session, my life had changed drastically. I was no longer trapped in the horrible situation I had been in.

Before working with Andey, I was in a place in my life where I had totally abandoned myself. I was too proud to ask for help and too blind (and exhausted) to see a way out on my own. I was so fed up with the struggle I had to deal with every day. I felt like I was being kicked in the heart daily. So I admitted something to myself, which went something like this: “Maybe I do need help. I am not crazy but my life is. Something does not add up.” I felt like I was stuck in a cruel nightmare. A nightmare wherein I would suffer day after day and just roll with the punches.

During the first coaching session, I started to realise that suffering is not how my life has to be. I realised that I am strong and that to be happy I need to love myself enough to say “no” to what is hurting me. Andey helped me to see what I couldn’t see myself: a way out. He also showed me that I can ask for change. He showed me that if I want to be happy then I have to be good to myself. I was in a situation where I felt like nobody had back and talking to Andey was exactly what I needed. He does not judge you or tell you what to do and that was what I had been searching for. Thank you Andey, you have helped me to turn my life around!

– Jenni Maria.


“Just one session with Andey truly changed my life.”

“I truly believe that this was divine orchestration and absolute perfect timing. Just one session with Andey truly changed my life. And I know you might be thinking, “Well, that is an exaggeration!” But it is only the honest truth. Through an inspiring and unique coaching dynamic, he is able to get to the root of the issue. In my session, he employed highly skilled intuitive and reasoning abilities which assisted me with cutting through my monkey-mind chatter. (We all have it!) But most naturally, he exudes a frequency that organically transmutes any lower vibrations in your auric field. Energy work at its finest.

– Vanessa Lamorte, Channel, Energy Worker and Spiritual Guide.


“I feel like a rock-star!”

My whole being is dancing in a party of self-celebration! Working with Andey, the wizard of self-transformation, I have gone from being the queen of self punishment to feeling like a rock-star. Amazed!”

Anjara Linera Blanco, Psychic, Speaker, Writer, Spiritual-preneur and Founder of Grounding Wisdom.


“You’re an inspiration!”

“Thank you for your sessions, your knowledge is exceptional! The examples you give make sense of the most complex things, you’re an inspiration! You even came into my daydream the other day as an eagle with these giant wings, like a protector!”

– Amber Jobson

 “That’s what I needed to return to a happy life.”


“When I went to Andey I was feeling low and wanted to feel more at ease with myself. I decided I was being too hard on myself and what need to change was the self-limiting thoughts which were making me feel this way. With the help of Andey I had some great insights. He helped me to see a different perspective. Andey helped me to get in touch with myself again and reconnect with my goals and my spirit. That’s what I needed to return to a happy life.”

– Idan Levy


“I feel confident in my ability to make dreams a reality.”

“Before speaking with Andey, I was not confident that I could run my own business or really be successful in following my passion. I felt like I needed to believe in myself. Andey gave me the right message at the right time and through speaking with him I learned that there are no coincidences in life. Andey knew instinctively that I needed to be reminded of my worth and ability to be successful in whatever I wished. I have begun creating a business plan and I feel confident in my ability to make dreams a reality.

– Kirisha Thana