After 9 months of a long distance relationship with a beautiful & wonderful human named Rosa, I finally began my journey across the world to be with her. Three flights, long waits in-between and uncertainty never far away. The diary entries contain sad goodbye, unexpected new friendships, total bewilderment, surprising revelations and of course, the eventual promise of a happily ever after. Here is how I got on:


Volume 1 – Leaving England

The journey begins. I say goodbye to my family and to my beloved home country and – despite being incredibly nervous – I set out on an adventure to cross the North Atlantic to be with the one I love.


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Volume 2 – The Longest Day Of My Life

In this volume, I board the first of three planes, endure my first long-haul flight, make some new friends, stress about the complexities of foreign customs declarations and, in the end, land in Mexico.



Volume 3 – A Take-Away Truth

Feeling like home away from home, no internet connection and hours in which I must keep myself awake after the previous eleven hour flight… I am forced by circumstance to finally process my farewells to my family. And when the emotions settled, a surprising insight dawns.



Volume 4 – The Final LegIMG_8678

Fighting the intense need to sleep, getting lost and confused in a poorly designed airport, almost missing my flight and… Finally meeting the love of my life…